Wolf Run and Tough Mudder in one weekend…

Our big weekend is over!   Me and Linda have been working up to this for a long time now and it was great fun! On Saturday we drove down to Leamington Spa to do the Wolf Run (www.thewolfrun.com) 10k extreme race.  Running and swimming through lakes, through a shed load of mud, over obstacles, big … Read more

Upcoming events: Born Survivor – 21st Sept.

September is going tyo be a big month for us, with plenty of fun and games.  Not least of which is happening on September 21st…I’m talking about Born Survivor! “BORN SURVIVOR is a Military Assault Course themed event, designed by members of the elite corps of Mountain and Artic Warfare specialists of the Royal Marine … Read more

Upcoming Events: Sheffield Man of Steel – Sunday July 21st.

Because I get bored far too easily, I’ve lined up a few events for the upcoming year.  If you want to check them out, click on the Upcoming Events page.  We have already done the Yorkshire Warrior and Dirty Weekend and the next on the list is the Sheffield Man of Steel! Their website describes it … Read more

Tough Mudder is coming to Skipton…

It’s finally been announced!  This years Yorkshire Tough Mudder is being held at our regular training ground of Broughton Hall!   Yes, where we regularly train.  Where we store most of our heavy, smelly, horrible training toys.  Where we all have cried, sweated, fallen, shivered.  Where we spent last summer soaked to the skin.  Where … Read more

New Upcoming Events page

Just added a new page to the website.  It is the “Upcoming Events” page.  I’m hoping to list the events I’m taking part in here.  This is partly to help me keep track of things (I’m easily confused!) and so anyone who is interested in giving them a go can think about joining me and … Read more