The less processed the food, the better

Improve your surrounding environment

“You can get unprocessed foods directly from the farm, field, forest or sea.You get processed foods from a factory.” We process foods when we “do” things to them. Some processing is simple/ancient (eg – baking a potato), others are more complex/industrial (eg – making a Mars bar). Below are some simple examples of foods that … Read more

Eat 2-3 balanced meals each day

Improve your surrounding environment

Eat 2-3 balanced meals each day. The idea behind this is to get into a structured routine for your eating. Avoid randomly grabbing snacks here and there. Instead, let your body get into a rhythm of 2-3 set meals, staggered throughout the day (eg – breakfast, midday and evening meals). If we spend some time … Read more

How to get support from a peer or partner

I have spent years now, coaching people through improvements in their eating, drinking and exercise habits. And a common complaint I hear is when people are trying to change, but their partner/housemate/work colleague/best friend is not on board and subconciously “sabotage” things. This can be in a number of ways, including: Eating restricted foods in … Read more

How to stay accountable

As part of my group coaching for people looking to live a healthier, fuller life, I have a few Infographics to help explain things to people. Keeping yourself accountable is a powerful tool when it comes to changing for the better. Here are the basics of how to do it… If you want help putting … Read more