Personal Training and Behaviour Coaching

  • Face to face and online Personal Training
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise programming
  • Behaviour coaching

Eat, Move, Be Happy

  • Exercise, healthy eating, mental health
  • Online community peer support
  • Corporate well being solutions

Get Moving

Exercise for people with:

  • Disability
  • Injury
  • Chronic medical conditions

Personal Training and Behaviour Coaching

Don’t ask “What should I be doing?”

Ask “Why aren’t I already doing it?”

How many books, articles or websites have you seen over the last week showing you what exercises you should be doing, or what foods to stop eating? And how many of them have made you think to yourself “that looks good, I’ll give it a try”. But then you never do anything about it?

Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, Rees Fitness started by offering quality strength and fitness coaching for people of all ages and abilities. It soon became clear that most people’s problem isn’t knowing what to do (we all know we need to eat better and exercise more), but for whatever reason, we have real trouble doing it!

This is why Rees Fitness focuses on more than just the exercise. Now, not only coaching you through the actual exercise session with healthy eating support, but also coaching you through the habits and behavioural barriers that make a healthy, active lifestyle difficult in the first place.

Improve your body

  • Move better, quicker and with greater coordination
  • Feel lighter on your feet
  • Be energised
  • Look and feel like the best version of you

Improve your diet

  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Fuel your body properly
  • Control your weight

Improve your habits

  • Break out of bad habits
  • Build whole, new, good habits
  • Live your life feeling positive, in control and like you want to

Using face to face and virtual exercise training sessions, homework, consultations and coaching, workout programmes and education, Rees Fitness has a solution for you. Why not invest 2 minutes of your time and find out more?



Some of the lovely things that have been said about Rees Fitness.

“Cerin is awesome!!! Friendly fun and knowledgeable. Makes training less of a chore. He has great ideas for methods of training which really helps with motivation and makes sure everything is ‘doable’ !!! Thanks Cerin for being a great coach and point of contact and kicking me up the arse when I need it.”

Sarah H

“A top class fitness instructor and personal trainer right here! Has some brilliant ideas of how to change habits and become more active, is only ever positive and the most encouraging person you could possibly go and work out with as well as a great support.”

Alice H

“Going to the group exercise classes with Cerin has helped with my balance, helped my coordination, and made me realise that even though I have a disability through MS, I can partake in group exercise. (Don’t tell him but I quite enjoy it too).”

David W