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Rees Fitness

Solving your exercise problems so your health, strength and fitness can thrive.

Do you have problems with your health, strength, fitness or weight?

Rees Fitness Personal Training is here to help you solve your problems and get your life on track. Personal Training in Skipton, North Yorkshire and online.

Personal Training

Personal Training
  • Face to face and online Personal Training in Skipton North Yorkshire
  • Exercise instruction
  • Exercise programming
  • Health and weight management

Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching
  • Face to face or online weight loss coaching
  • Know you should lose weight but put it off for longer than 1 month?
  • Lost weight and regained it again more than once?
  • Focus on changing your behaviours and get it done for good!

Specialist Personal Training

Specialist Training
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and chronic medical conditions
  • Exercise for people with limited mobility
  • GP Referrals

Public Speaking

Public Speaking
  • Talks, presentations and education about exercise and health.
  • Online or face to face.
  • Learn what, why and how to live life to the full.

About Rees Fitness

Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, I have spent the last 10 years or more as a personal trainer coaching people to get fitter, stronger and more confident. I specialise working with people with specific problems to solve that might discount them from regular trainers.

As a qualified stroke survivor rehabilitation and level 4 diabetes and obesity trainer, I have the knowledge and experience to help people improve their mobility, independence, their waistline and quality of life.

But not only do I show people what to do, but I coach them the through the process of how to do it. Using a wide range of behaviour change tools, I help people put into practice what they have spent years struggling to do.

Look above at the range of service I can help you with, or contact me to find out directly.


Some of the lovely things that have been said about Rees Fitness.

“Cerin is awesome!!! Friendly fun and knowledgeable. Makes training less of a chore. He has great ideas for methods of training which really helps with motivation and makes sure everything is ‘doable’ !!! Thanks Cerin for being a great coach and point of contact and kicking me up the arse when I need it.”

Sarah H

“A top class fitness instructor and personal trainer right here! Has some brilliant ideas of how to change habits and become more active, is only ever positive and the most encouraging person you could possibly go and work out with as well as a great support.”

Alice H

“Going to the group exercise classes with Cerin has helped with my balance, helped my coordination, and made me realise that even though I have a disability through MS, I can partake in group exercise. (Don’t tell him but I quite enjoy it too).”

David W