44 half marathons down, only 6 to go!

My friend Mark has nearly finished his challenge of doing 50 half marathons in 60 days on the Concept 2 indoor rower.  That adds up to over 600 miles!  He is doing it to raise money for a local 9 year old girl who fell from a climbing  frame, and is now paralysed for life. Well, yesterday, he completed his 44th row, so he only has 6 more to do.  His final one is due a week tomorrow (Tuesday 30th). If you havent watched them already, please watch the following 2 videos so you know what he is doing and why.  Then please follow this link (click here) and donate any money you can to a very wonderful cause…

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One man, one machine, one million metres!

Indoor rowing

Indoor rowing

Half a marathon is 21.1 km, or 21,097 metres long.  That is a long way.  It takes my friend Mark about 1 hour 20 minutes to row it on the indoor rowers here at work.  The British record for his division is 1 hour 13 minutes.  So Mark is going at a very good pace, and he is working his body hard! Almost everyone I tell is very impressed by this…then I tell them that he is going to do 50 of these half marathons over the course of 60 days…then everyone is impressed! Other ways of saying 50 half marathons include:

Targets: Why some are better than others

First thing I want to say is, targets are good.  They help people reach goals.  If nothing else, they can be used as stepping stones towards an ultimate goal.  They can show the direction to go, your rate of progress in that direction, and they are a good psychological tool making the whole journey more “do-able”.  Some examples of these targets include:

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