Easy jog Sunday 18th

So what you doing this Sunday at 11am?  Nothing?  Then why not join me on an easy, social jog around Fewston reservoir?  It’s not a nasty run.  It’s a nice, easy, flat one.  About 4 miles long. If you are interested, all details are on this webpage:  https://bookwhen.com/reesfitness/e/ev-sr8y-20161218110000 Register your name on the page if … Read more

“I’ve only been exercising for 5 minutes, and I’m already knackered! I’m SO unfit!”

This is aimed towards people who are new to exercise.  Who have plucked up the courage to get stuck in, but don’t know what to expect. But having said that, it applys to absolutely everyone!  It doesn’t matter if you are brand new, or if you have been training for a while now, or even … Read more