How to enjoy Christmas and get back into training afterwards.

It’s nearly Christmas.  It’s a predictable time of the year.  We know when it is and we know the way things pan out during and after it.  Usually something like the following: Training/exercise winds down in run up to Christmas. Eating/drinking winds up in run up to Christmas. Training/exercise stops entirely at Christmas. Eating/drinking rockets … Read more

From the General to the Specific – How to get good at absolutely anything.

So you want to get good at something?  It could be getting good at your sport, your diet, your job, your relationship or your school subject. But there are good and bad ways to go about this.  One of the best ways is to work from the general to the specific. This means you spend time getting the fundamental, foundation principles right before worrying about the minute details.  Get good at the general stuff first, then move on to the specifics.  For example:

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