Make a booking

Make a booking

How to make a booking.

So you want face to face/virtual training or a consultation/debrief? Well done! You made a good choice there. But if you have any questions before you decide for certain, don’t forget you can contact me here. To make your initial booking, just do the following:


Use the calendar below to see when I am available to be booked for coaching or consultation.  Use the arrows at the top left of the calendar to scroll weeks forwards or backwards.  Find a date/time that is good for both of us.

(If the calendar does not display properly, click here for a better view).


Fill out the required Health Screening questionnaire. This is where you tell me:

  • All about yourself
  • Any injuries/medical conditions you may have
  • What kind of training you are thinking about
  • Rough idea what you are looking for from training with me


I will get back in touch with you as soon as I am free and we arrange a time.