Wheelchair Back Flip

Over the last year or so, I have worked with a few people who are, for various reasons, been confined to a wheelchair.  Each person has their own specific training needs, but a common factor between them (and a lot of the general population also) is a need to strengthen their “core” body muscles (the girdle of muscles that stabilise and support the spine and body).

For any human being, sitting for prolonged periods of time can weaken these muscles.  And with weaker stabilisers:

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How to: Do Full Situps

Full Situp – Good Name:  Full Situps Also known as:  Situps. Main muscles used:  Hip flexors Other muscles used:  Stomach. Top tips: Start with your back and feet flat on the floor. Start the move by doing an Abdominal Crunch, but continue it by bending at the hips and sitting upright. To return, “roll” your … Read more How to: Do Full Situps