How to: Do the Side Plank

Side Plank - GoodName:  Side Plank.
Also known as:  Side Bridge.
Main muscles used:  Stomach and sides.
Other muscles used:  Shoulders.
Top tips:

  • Look down your body and make sure your shoulders, hips, knees and feet are all lined up straight.
  • Try to arch your hips up if you can.
  • Line up the elbow on the floor and both your shoulders in a dead vertical line.
  • Work both sides of your body equally.

Common mistakes:

  • Folding at the hips, so your body is bent and jack-knifed.
  • Sagging the hips down, so your body slumps.
  • Twisting your upper body so your supporting elbow and both shoulders are not in a vertical line.

Side Plank - bad.Comments: The Side Plank is a progression of the Front Plank.  It helps strengthen your body and “core” muscles that support and stabilise your spine.  These strong muscles then act as a solid foundation in a different plane, from which our limbs can generate effective force.  So when you push/pull an object, it moves and your body does not buckle/collapse.