Fixing the right problems and doing your back in

Don't do this you muppet...I was chatting to someone about their strained back the other day.

***Disclaimer!  I’m not any kind of physiotherapist, so I am not any kind of expert in this.***

She had pulled her back picking up a bag from the floor, so she was asking me for some things to strengthen her back so it won’t happen again. But because I have way too much free time on my hands and am a bit of a nerd, I tried to investigate and understand the problem and come up with a good solution.  So I started off with a very important lesson I have learned…

Often, a pulled muscle is not due to a weakness in that particular muscle, but because of a weakness in a totally different muscle.


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Core Strength and Stability

Core stability and strength has been growing in fashion for a few years now, and most people have their own different idea of what it means, ranging from “the cure for all things” to “totally pointless and only for girls”. The truth is, people who say either of these don’t know what they are talking about.  Here are my thoughts…

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