How to: Do Scapular Pressups

Name:  Scapular Pressups. Also known as:  Pressup Plus. Main joints used:  Shoulder girdle. Other joints used: Top tips: Start the move in a pressup position. Keep your elbows locked straight throughout the move. Think of the Front Plank and keep your belly tight throughout and don’t let it, or your hips, sag down under gravity. … Read more

Pressups – Why I expect chest to the floor and why I don’t like box (ladies) pressups.

I’ve described how I coach pressups before (click here).  But every so often, I get asked why do I expect it done that way?  Why chest to the floor?  Why can’t they start off with easier versions like the box (ladies) pressup?  Basically, why am I being such a knob about things.  So here goes… … Read more

Core Strength and Stability

Core stability and strength has been growing in fashion for a few years now, and most people have their own different idea of what it means, ranging from “the cure for all things” to “totally pointless and only for girls”. The truth is, people who say either of these don’t know what they are talking about.  Here are my thoughts…

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Keystone Abilities. What are they and do you have them?

Keystone Abilities are derived from the biological term “Keystone Species“.  These are plant/animal species that have a disproportionate effect on their environment.  In other words, their presence (even in very small numbers) have a big effect on everything else around them.  So if these Keystone Species are ok, then the surrounding environment is almost certainly … Read more