Surviving Christmas week

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s nearly here. Things have wound right down at work with me over the last few days. So here I am to give you my favourite tip on how to get through the next couple of weeks intact.

Plan ahead…

Make sure you enjoy yourself, don’t be a grinch and make yourself and everyone around you miserable, but decide in advance how good/bad you are going to be and when you plan to get back on the wagon and be sensible.

Use the template below to help you know when your big party’s are, when you can fit in 10, or 20 or 30 minutes of exercise here or there…basically, use it to help you enjoy but not totally forget every good habit you have built up recently!

Click here to get the Planner Template.

And don’t forget, this planner is not just for Christmas…feel free to use it through the year. I’ve found it to be a particularly good tool!