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Healthy Eating guide

I’ve been looking for ways to help the people I train with their eating for a long time. I’ve been trying to find a way to help them change their behaviours and habits for the better. To help them improve their health, their weight and most importantly, their self esteem. But changing our habits and … Read more

Surviving Christmas week

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s nearly here. Things have wound right down at work with me over the last few days. So here I am to give you my favourite tip on how to get through the next couple of weeks intact. Plan ahead… Make sure you enjoy yourself, don’t be a grinch and make yourself … Read more

A Healthy Eating Checklist

Do you know if you have good eating habits?   Good eating habits lead to greater chances of eating healthily and controlling your weight.   Use this simple Healthy Eating Checklist to see how good/bad your eating habits are. Answer the questions honestly for your meals yesterday.  The more points you get, the better your … Read more