How to get through Christmas without bursting your belt

How to get through Christmas without bursting your belt We were chatting the other day and trying to come up with ways to help each other get through Christmas without falling spectacularly off the wagon.  It was important that these things were practical and didn’t stop people from enjoying themselves.  Here are some of the … Read more

How to enjoy Christmas and get back into training afterwards.

It’s nearly Christmas.  It’s a predictable time of the year.  We know when it is and we know the way things pan out during and after it.  Usually something like the following: Training/exercise winds down in run up to Christmas. Eating/drinking winds up in run up to Christmas. Training/exercise stops entirely at Christmas. Eating/drinking rockets … Read more

Getting ready for Christmas

I have mentioned periodisation before (click here).  It is the “big picture” view of training.  It is about managing your training in such a way as to maximise your results. I talked before about doing things in a certain order, but it also means managing when you can work hard and when you need to ease off to recover.  In this way, periodisation works on different time scales, such as:

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