Workout of the week – 31/12/2018

Start of what may possibly be a new, ongoing feature.

A couple of people asked if I was going to continue the Advent Challenge workouts into the new year. Well, I can’t sustain a new workout each day, but if there is any response, I may be able to do a Workout of the Week.

So these workouts are going to be in the same vein as the Advent Challenge. A mini workout, 5-10 minutes in length. Not something to replace, but to compliment your regular training sessions, to give you some ideas and variety.

Most of the workouts will require no equipment other than possibly a timer. But ever so often, I will chuck in some that will need some basic home equipment or that you can do in your local gym with their toys.

So here goes! Below you will find the first Workout of the Week. Please let me know if you like/dislike them and if you find them useful. Feedback will let me improve either their content or style….no feedback means I’ll stop bothering to do them.

Click here to see the latest Workout of the Week!