How to: Do the Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow

Name:  The Wheelbarrow. Also known as:  (if you know this by any other name, leave a comment below). Main muscles used:  Stomach, shoulders. Other muscles used:  Hip flexors, arms, most the muscles on the front side of the body. Top tips:

  • While you are in the normal pressup position, either have a partner lift and hold your feet (like in the wheelbarrow race from school), or hook your toes over your trusty ab-wheel.
  • Keep your legs straight at all times.
  • Keep your belly very tight by thinking of doing an abdominal crunch.
  • Keep your shoulders down (i.e. the opposite of a shrug) all the time.
  • Start walking slowly forwards with your arms, trailing you feet behind you.  Progress by increasing speed when safety and confidence allows.

Common mistakes:

  • Twisting, squirming and turning of your torso as you move.
  • Losing tightness in the belly and allowing your gut to hang and sag down to the floor.
  • Tripping over your hands and planting your face in the floor.

Comments: This is a dynamic progression to the Front Plank.  So don’t try it until your Front Plank is solid.  This kind of exercise is well suited to people who punch or push a lot in their sports, as it is good for general shoulder girdle stability and core strength. It is also particularly good when done as a game between friends/rivals.  The added fun and competition elements usually produce a far greater effort from those doing it. But please be aware of how solid the floor is compared to your squishy face.