How To: Do an L-Sit

L-Sit – Only the hands are touching the floor.

Name: L-Sit Also known as:  (If you know this by any other name, leave a comment below). Main muscles used: Stomach Other muscles used:  Hip flexors, arms. Top tips:

  • The only parts of your body that should be touching the floor, are your hands.
  • Sit on the floor with your hands planted firmly on the floor either side of your thighs.
  • The hands should be forward of your hips (closer to your knees), not in line with them.
  • With your arms, push your bum and both heels off the floor in one move.
  • If you are having trouble getting your heels off the floor, place your hands further forwards of your hips.
  • Really tense your stomach and the front of your thighs before lifting yourself up to make this work.
  • When learning this hold, try raising your hands off the floor and onto some blocks.  This will make it easier. 

    L-Sit – The whole of your bodyweight is supported on your hands. Neither the heels nor bum should be touching the floor.

Common mistakes:

  • Having your hands too close to your hips.
  • Heels touching the floor.
  • Bum touching the floor.

Comments: This is a static, holding exercise.  Once in position, there should be no movement.  But, this is a very difficult, advanced,  hold.  You need a good level of strength in your stomach, arms and legs, and good hip flexibility before even attempting this hold.  You also need a good sence of balance to ensure your hands are in the right place and you don’t simply collapse. Good luck!