How to: Do Full Situps

Full Situp – Good

Name:  Full Situps
Also known as:  Situps.
Main muscles used:  Hip flexors
Other muscles used:  Stomach.
Top tips:

  • Start with your back and feet flat on the floor.
  • Start the move by doing an Abdominal Crunch, but continue it by bending at the hips and sitting upright.
  • To return, “roll” your spine back to the start position, with your lower back touching the floor first, and your shoulders touching last.
  • Keep your eyes and chin up and away from your chest.

Common mistakes:

  • Bending the hips first, and the upper back second.  This causes your spine to arch, and your ribcage to “whip” up to the finish position.
  • Pressing your chin onto your chest and basically “pulling” your head up with your hands.
  • Situp - BADArching your spine backwards on the descent, so your shoulders touch the floor before your lower back.

Comments: At the top of this page, I classed the stomach as “other muscles used”, while the hip flexors are under “main muscles used”.  This is because with the full situp, by far the greatest movement comes from the hips.  In the way that most people do the move (see the “bad” animation), the stomach is being used at best in an isometric/holding way.  So it is important to “roll” your body up, then “roll” it back down again. Remember, it is very easy to do this move badly.  So if you think you are doing it right (especially if you have been doing them for years), you are probably not.  Put your ego to one side and go back and check this classic move.