August Strength & Fitness Assessment…Register here!

Strength and Fitness AssessmentAfter a busy few weeks, it’s time for the (semi) monthly Strength & Fitness Assessment!

If you don’t know what we get up to, or what is assessed on these things, I’ve explained it all in the past, so click here.

But if you want to see how you are progressing, or if you are new to this and want a benchmark to see where you start from, click on the link below and register your name!

Click here to register your name so I know you are coming

And just in case you had forgotten, we are doing a free moonlit dash up Sharphaw hill this Friday night.  It’s a full moon, so should be a gorgeous event.  If you haven’t already, click here to register your name for this too.

And as always, because I am particularly rubbish as promoting my business, I would love you loads if you could share the hell out of this for me!  Pass it to your friends and neighbours and spread the word!

Thank you!