Group Training – Outdoor Bootcamp, Sunday evening

Powered by Eventbrite What FLASHmob group training is our ab-hoc training sessions.  They happen at random times, random places and consist of random things. This session is a basic, outdoor, bootcamp circuit training session.  It’s outdoors (whatever the weather), consists of a about half a dozen mixed exercises and you get stuck in, train hard … Read more

Hill sprint training for running speed.

  Powered by Eventbrite What. This is the next FLASHmob Group Training session… Want to get faster at running? Want to improve your speed? You could continue jogging further and get even better at going at the same pace, or you can actually do some work on going faster.  If you prefer the second option, register your place below and … Read more

Kettlewell FLASHmob, Sunday 19th

So what you doing next Sunday evening? Because if you want to join us for a jaunt up, down and around Kettlewell, click below: Charlene knows the way, and there is a chance of a pub quiz and supper in the Bluebell afterwards…so come prepared! Now don’t forget…click on the link and REGISTER! 🙂