Rees Fitness is going full time!

CelebrationUp until now I have been doing my Rees Fitness coaching in my spare time.  My full time job was working in the council run gym at Skipton.  Because of this, I have never been able to be fully commited to Rees Fitness…but that is all changing now.

As of September, I will no longer be working full time at Craven gym.  I will only be there for a couple of hours a week.  This means I will be able to commit fully to Rees Fitness and the awesome clients and friends I have there.  Some of the first things I want to be able to do is:

  • Offer more flexible training days/times.
  • Offer more consistent training days/times.
  • Offer more group training sessions in various locations.
  • Offer one to one coaching in more loactions.
  • Offer rehab coaching for stroke survivors.

If you want to be kept up to date with all this as it goes on, there are a few different ways:

Watch out for developments!