Next weeks training plan

Knowing what you want to do in your training over the next month is one thing (and a really important thing that so many of us fail to do). Figuring out just how to do it and actually getting it done is another thing altogether!

Things in our head can often be very “fuzzy”.  Ideas, plans, goals, targets etc have a nasty habit of evolving from one thing to another.  

  • Training planWe cut a corner here and there.
  • We forget the training session we missed because the bed was just soooo lovely and cozy!
  • After a few days, we remember that very average training session we did as an awesome, brutal sweat session where we truly rocked!

In short, we lie to ourselves.

So here is a template for a very simple 4 week training cycle.  Plan ahead of time:

  • What the goals of this training cycle are.
  • When we are able to train
  • What kind of training session it is meant to be.
  • How hard/intense it should be.

Then, after the fact we can tick off if we achieved it or not.  At the end of the week we can look back and see honestly how we have done and if we need to adapt anything in future weeks or cycles.

Feel free to use this template and pass it onto any training partners, teammates or friends you think it might help.

Click here for the 4 Week Training Plan template.