Get the basics right, and the details may not matter at all.

I carry on a lot about getting the basic fundamentals right and not stressing about the little details (click here, here, here, here, here and here.)  This is totally unsexy and not at all what people want to hear when they ask my advice.  But what the hell.  I’m paid to get results, and I don’t have a warehouse full of “Ab-Dominator!” machines to flog.

So I had a little chuckle to myself when I read this story (click here).  It is about a guy who tested to see if his £1,000 carbon fibre uber-bike got him to work any faster than his second hand £50 pushbike…It didn’t. And I think the moral of the story is…he got the basics right.  He got a bike that actually worked!  It had 2 wheels and it went when he peddled it. The other bike had lots of added details (it was light as a feather, more streamlined…it probably even had go-faster-stripes on it!).  But unless all those details are in the hands of an elite cyclist, none are going to produce any actual results. So I will say it again (because I just know some of you are thinking that it does not apply to you because you are different in some way).

  • Unless more than half the food you eat is made up of fruit and veg…don’t even think about pills, potions and powders.  Click here for 10 simple rules to healthy eating.
  • Unless you are able to do a proper pressup/pullup…don’t even think about tricep kickbacks/bicep curls.  Click here for an Absolute beginners guide to weight training.

Because when you have the basics sorted out, you may find you don’t even need the finer details. If you know anyone who might like/benefit from my ranting, you can “share” this using the buttons below.