Movement Analysis – See how you move and how it can be improved.

I see my job as helping people move more, and move better (hence the tagline to my website – “Movement & Variety”).  I’ve been lucky and since I started Karate when I was 7, I have been coached to move well (well = efficiently, safely and with coordination). And because of this, I notice just how many people move badly (badly = inefficient, unsafe and uncoordinated…click here).  These people come in all shapes and sizes, from your average Joe through to your exercise junkie. 

And by moving badly, we run the risk of, at best, not improving our bodyweight/fitness/performance, and at worst, developing acute/chronic injuries (how many people do you know with “dodgy” back/knees/shoulders etc?). So I have been trying various ways to help more people move better (click here).  And I think I have a new way…but I need your help to make sure it works. Shamelessly stealing ideas from Hollywood, I can now film people moving/performing/exercising/competing, and with the help of my trusty computer, can track, analyse and measure their movements.  Watching this back on a DVD at home, people can then see where they are going right/wrong and what their strengths/weaknesses are. I’ve stuck together a few of my early test runs in the videos below…

Best of all, after they have had a chance to practice, by analysing their movements a second time, we can compare them “before and after”, see how they have improved and what their next problem is (remember, we always have problems…we just need to steadily go through life correcting one at a time). I’ve tested this out on myself and found that my endurance needs improving (this is because I have such a short attention span that I can never be arsed to spend more than a couple of minutes on any one thing!). So I am calling out for volunteers!  Anyone who:

  • wants to see just how they are moving and how it can be improved
  • does or does not exercise/train regularly (this is beneficial for athletes wanting to improve performance and your average person just looking for improved health)
  • is willing to let me and my computer use them as lab rats
  • lives in or somewhere not a million miles away from Skipton

So if this sounds like you, contact me (click here) today and I can arrange to meet up with you!