Monthly run and breakfast…

Reservoir run and breakfast

What is it?

A monthly, enjoyable run.  With:

  • Good people
  • Good outdoor locations
  • Good laughs

Followed by a slap up breakfast at a nice place straight afterwards.

When is it?

1st Sunday of each month (usually).

Where is it?

Somewhere slightly different each month.  But always somewhere involving:

  • Lovely landscape
  • Reservoirs
  • Hills
  • Dales
  • Moors etc

How far is it?

It changes each month depending on the location.  But usually between 5-10km.

Who is it for?

The people I coach and train with.  It’s a chance to get to know eachother and help keep everyone motivated.

Will it be too difficult for me?

Some locations will be easier/harder than others.  But the idea of these jogs are not to be tough/difficult.  The idea is to get out and about and have fun.  You won’t be left behind, I promise 🙂

How much is it?

Nothing! It’s free.  It’s not a training session.  Just easy jog and food.

When and where is the next one?

Ask me next time we are training and I’ll let you know 🙂