Do you “train” or do you “workout”?

Do you “Train”, or do you “work out”?  Do you think there is a difference between the two?  Have you ever been so bored/nerdy/pedantic to even ask this question of yourself?

As usual, this question came about from various random chats I’ve had with people recently.  And in my head it comes down to our intended end result.  So after discussions over a bottle/pizza or two, these are the definitions we have come up with:

Working out

“Doing exercise with the intent of feeling knackered/tired/worn out/beasted/sore/a sweaty pool of hot mess and probably sharing it on facebook afterwards.”

hot sweaty mess


“Doing exercise with the intent of being physically, emotionally and psychologically better/stronger/fitter/healther/technically proficient afterwards.”


So go on then…which do you do?

Do you “train” or “workout”?
I Train
I Workout

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