Hill sprint training for running speed.

Group Training

Hill Sprints


This is the next FLASHmob Group Training session…

  • Want to get faster at running?
  • Want to improve your speed?

You could continue jogging further and get even better at going at the same pace, or you can actually do some work on going faster.  If you prefer the second option, register your place below and improve your speed.

Going faster means being able to apply a greater force into the ground and doing so again and again.  One way to do this is to practice on slopes or hills…so welcome to Grimwith dam!  

And I have been told there is a nice cafe in Hebden that do a mean breakfast afterwards if people are up for it…

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Sunday 16th Aug.  9am.


Grimwith Reservoir.

How much.

Only £5 payable on the day.

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If you know anyone who may benefit from hill sprints, don’t forget to share this page with them now!