Rees Fitness Challenge: Embsay Dam Dash.

Targets, deadlines, challenges and goals are awesome things.  They focus the mind and help us get things done.  So here is the first of a few challenges that we can have a go at, see how well we did and see how we improve over time.

Embsay DamThe Embsay Dam Dash.

This is very simple.  Go to Embsay reservoir and take a look at the dam.  Do you see the very base of the dam?  There is a big conrete wall down there.

  • Go and touch that wall.
  • Start stop watch.
  • Walk/jog/sprint sraight up the dam until you reach the top and touch the wall up there.
  • Stop the stop watch.
  • Record your time by clicking here.

You can then either compare your time with others who have done it, or you can try it again in a couple of weeks and see if you can improve on it.

“Don’t simply settle for what you have.  Strive for just a tiny bit more.”