It’s raining out…lets not bother training today…

It is definetly autumn!  The rains have come, the wind is up and its getting darker earlier.  So some people have asked if we are going to leave training until the spring…

Rain outsideWhat??

We don’t stop because of a bit of rain and mud!  Yesterday we had a training session planned and it happened to be pissing down with rain.  Never mind.  We still went out and sprinted through long grass, dashed up the slippery hill and dodged the sheep shit to crack out over 100 pressups and situps.

AND we managed to get our shit together so we could be out again this morning before dawn!

While some were stagnating, thinking of muffins and an ever expanding waistline and ever decreasing health, some of us were helping eachother be the very definition of awesome!

And that is just one of the things I love about the people I’m so lucky to train with.  At some point we ALL think to ourselves:

“I’m really not in the mood for it today”

SpandexAnd that is when our training partners step up and help us get off our arses and into our spandex.  Because while we may be grumbling and threatening to push me in the river at the start of the training session…I guarantee you will be feeling on top of the world at the end!

So no…we are not going to stop training until the spring.  We will continue when its raining, when its windy and damnit…when it snows we will go out and use the sledges and have snow ball fights again!  Just like last year Smile

So why not join us?  Click below for details…