Could you help me by putting this poster EVERYWHERE???

I’ve long known that my strengths certainly do not lie in the area of marketing!  I am particularly rubbish at getting the word out to people and actually informing people about the when and where of training.  So, I’m going to ask everyone to please, please help me.  I’ve just started a new, regular training session held every Saturday afternoon in Grassington.  And now I need to make sure it keeps running…

So could you download this poster, share it across all your social networks (your facebooks & twitters etc), pass it on to everyone you know, print it off and stick it up in your office/workplace/school/college/canteen/takeaway/pub/local shop/car window/horses bum/neighbours door/bus shelter/gym and anywhere else you think people might possibly see it.

Oh, and if you also feel like turning up to the training too, it would be great to see you there!  Thank you!

Grassington Boot Camp