Advancing Bootcamp: Saturday at 3pm in Grassington

Grassington BootcampSo you already kow about the Beginners Bootcamp we are holding this Saturday at 2pm in Grassington?

So do you reckon you’re not a beginner but want something that will push you that little bit further?  

You want something that will give your strength and fitness that extra little kick?

You want something that will get you ready to complete a major event, like Tough Mudder, the 12 mile assault course recently held in Skipton?

Then you want to join us this Saturday for the 3pm Grassington Bootcamp!  Outdoor training to get you to the next level.  This session will be for people who already exercise regularly and are willing to put up with hard work.  You will:

  • Run
  • Jump
  • Crawl
  • Lift
  • Throw
  • Drag
  • Carry
  • Anything else Health & Safety laws will let me get away with…

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And don’t forget…this taster session is FREE!!!