Why absolutely everyone should aim to increase their muscle (yes, this includes you!): Part 2.

Mature geezer strength training
Mature geezer strength training

Last summer I did my best to explain why everyone (including women and the elderly) should do weight training in order to get stronger (click here). Well, The American Journal of Medicine have published a report that backs me up!  They say:

“Our analyses of current research show that the most important factor in somebody’s function is their strength capacity. No matter what age an individual is, they can experience significant strength improvement with progressive resistance exercise even into the eighth and ninth decades of life.”

They also say that even people in their 30’s can show declines in strength if they don’t work to keep it. And one recommendation they make, is:

“Incorporating full body exercises and exercises that use more than one joint and muscle group at a time, such as the leg press, chest press, and rows. These are safer and more effective in building muscle mass.”

Woman strength training - www.gubernatrix.co.uk

Woman strength training – www.gubernatrix.co.uk

Just the same things as I recommend for people (click here and here). But I still think half the people I talk to will run a mile if I mention weight training and the other half will only ever want to do bicep curls and tricep kickbacks 🙁 If you know one of these people, please “share” this article with them using the buttons below.  Or better still, contact me for some proper training!