Low Back Pain Recovery Slow; And Worse For Those On Compensation

Back Pain

Back Pain

Last year, I ranted about how a guy I knew was being prevented to exercise and rehabilitate his injuries because his solicitor said it would jeopardise his compensation claim (click here for details). Well, today I was doing some research on back pain and stumbled on the following webpage (click here).  It talks about recovery times for people with low back pain, and how various factors affected these recovery times.  Then I read the following sentence:

“The strongest predictor of delayed recovery was if the episode of low back pain was compensable: compensation halved the chances of recovery.”

Being engaged in a compensation claim halved the chances of recovery! Now it is always possible that these people are fooling the doctors that treat and diagnose their back pains…or maybe it could be that these injured people are prevented from getting full and proper treatment for their injuries. They are told to not exercise, not move, not do anything that can strengthen their bodies and increase their resilience to injury…they are basically told to stay weak and injured for fear of shafting their compensation! Hmmm….I wonder if we could sue the solicitors for buggering up peoples health like this?  Any law firms out there interested?

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