How to: Do a Doorway Chest Stretch

Doorway Chest Stretch

Doorway Chest Stretch

Name:  Doorway Chest Stretch. Also known as:  (if you know this by any other name, leave a comment below). Main muscles used:  Chest. Other muscles used: Front of the shoulders. Top tips:

  • Stand in an open doorway with both arms stretched out either side, holding onto the doorframe.
  • Keep your shoulder blades pulled back and down (think of putting them “in your trouser back pocket”).
  • Keep your body tall and vertical.
  • Step your body forwards and allow your arms to be gently stretched back.

Common mistakes:

  • Bending the body forwards.
  • Rolling the shoulders up and forwards.
  • Leaning too far forwards and falling flat on your face.

Comments: With more and more people spending more and more time sitting (in cars, sofas, offices etc), the shape of peoples bodies are changing.  One of these changes is the “slumped forwards” look, with the shoulders rounding up and forwards. Regular stretches such as this chest stretch can be a persons first step towards regaining their posture.  It is also very good if you have just been “blasting your pecs” in the gym. This stretch goes very well with Scapular Retractions.