Do less, score more.

Do less, score more.

This is a line I heard a top level coach telling one of his fighters.  The fighter was moving around, ducking, weaving, attacking, blocking…generally doing plenty of work and making his presence felt…but he was not actually scoring any points, or getting the job done!

Pointless "stuff"

Pointless “stuff”

And that is a major problem for many of the people I see training/exercising.  They spend hour after hour doing “stuff”…but somehow fail to improve. I was like that when I used to work in a warehouse…I could walk around the place with my clipboard for ages…but somehow managed to never get any actual work done! When people hire me to help them achieve a result, I remember this quote and one of the first things I try to do is to cut out all the pointless “stuff” that people do.  Getting fitter/stronger takes hard work.  And when you have hard work to do, the last thing you want is tons of pointless crap slowing you down, wearing you out or getting in the way of the rest of your life. So if you want help with your training, or if you want to improve the efficiency of your training, contact me today.

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