Morning mobility warm up

After a couple of conversations about how difficult it is to get up and going in the morning, here is a sample warm up you can do to get your body moving first thing.  It should be nice and simple and it’s easily scalable. But in fact, this is also a good, simple, pre-workout warm … Read more

3 minutes to improve your hip mobility

Hip mobility is important for all of us.  It helps us do everyday moves.  It helps us do athletic/sporting moves.  It can help protect against dodgy knees and backs and general aches and pains.  In short, it lets us move better, move more and move safer. So here is a quick and easy routine for almost anyone to improve their hip mobility.  There are only 4 stretches involved and it only takes 3 minutes, so you don’t have any excuses (you can even do it in the advert breaks of X Factor!) So here goes…

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