Happy new year!

In case you didn’t notice, it is January, so happy new year!

I’ve been ill (with sniffles) the last couple of weeks, so to be honest I can’t really be arsed to write anything meaningful just yet.  So I’m taking the easy route and simply posting the 5 most popular things from this blog over the last year…so here are the things that have attracted the most attention over the last 12 months…

  1. Assessments: The Multistage Fitness (Bleep) Test – Explaining the world famous bleep test you probably did in school, and an mp3 download of the test itself.
  2. We are all Kevin and Perry! – Not really sure why this is so popular…because I wrote it when I was in one of my strange moods…
  3. Assessments: Body Composition part 1 – Body Weight – The first of a 2-parter explaining the various ways you can assess your bodyweight, giving pros and cons for each.  I enjoyed writing this.
  4. Warming up – Do’s and don’ts of a general warm up. – This is a run through of how we should “warm up”, or get ready for exercise/activity.  If you still do the usual of a few minutes of CV and some static stretching…you really should take a look at it, for your own bodies sake!
  5. Keystone Abilities. What are they and do you have them? – This is my attempt to steal tried and trusted concepts from my biology degree, and apply them to my coaching.  If you train with me, you will get to recognise the concept of Keystone Abilities.

My cold has nearly gone now, so I’ll be writing more of my usual stuff soon.  Hope you enjoy it.