How to: Do a Squat Thrust

Squat Thrusts

Name:  Squat Thrusts   
Also known as:  (if you know these by any other names, leave a comment below)   
Main muscles used:  Shoulders, legs, heart.   
Other muscles used:  Stomach, arms.   
Top tips

  • Drive your feet as far back as you can reach.
  • Drive your feet as far forwards as your flexibility will allow.
  • Do the move fast and explosively.

Common mistakes:   

  • Only moving the feet a small distance back and forth.
  • Sticking the bum waaay up in the air when in the crouched position.
  • Sticking the bum waay up in the air when in the pressup position.

Comments:    Try to get your legs working in virtually the same way as in Mountain Climbers (but using both legs together, obviously).  Get your feet as far back as possible, then your knees as close to your chest as your flexibility will allow.  Get used to this large Range Of Motion (ROM) by doing it at a nice, easy pace.    But as you improve, maintain (or even increase) this ROM, but increase the speed of the move.  You should aim to make it as fast and explosive as possible.    Use your hips/bum to really k ick back your feet into position.  Don’t let yourself just flop back into it.  This is important for a future progression for this move, which we will come to later…    If you like this, subscribe to this blog via email or RSS using the buttons near the top right of the page.