How to: Do Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight Squats – Good

Name:  Bodyweight Squats  
Also known as:  Air squats   
Main muscles used:  Legs, bum.   
Other muscles used:  Back.   

Top tips:   

  • Keep your heels firm on the floor at all times.
  • Sit your bum back into the squat as you go down.
  • Stick your chest out, especially at the bottom.
  • Keep your upper and lower back very tight and rigid at all times.
  • Squat as low as you can without letting your lower back bend under you. 

Bodyweight Squats – Bad

  Common mistakes:   

  • Peeling your heels off the floor and rolling onto your toes.
  • Not sticking your bum back, but bending the knees forwards instead.
  • Letting your spine bend and collapse forwards.

Comments:     A good bodyweight squat is one of the fundamental movements.  We do them every day of our lives (every time we sit/stand, or go to the bathroom etc).  So if for no other reason than to maintain our own independence later in life, we should all get good at this move.     Also, the basic rules of a good squat (keeping a tight, straight spine, full range of movement and good use of the hips etc) can also be found in many other exercises.  So learn them and get used to them now, and you will find so many other things much easier.   It should also be noted that improving your squat will very, very likely improve any athletic/sporting activity you participate in (it can certainly improve my main area of interest, Karate).  Remember, you can print, email or share this post by clicking the buttons below…