The less processed the food, the better

“You can get unprocessed foods directly from the farm, field, forest or sea.
You get processed foods from a factory.”

We process foods when we “do” things to them. Some processing is simple/ancient (eg – baking a potato), others are more complex/industrial (eg – making a Mars bar).

More and less processed foods
Guess which food is more or less processed…

Below are some simple examples of foods that have more or less processing:

Less ProcessedMore Processed
Whole grain breadWhite bread
Brown riceWhite rice
Whole grain pastaWhite pasta
Baked potatoCrisps/chips/fries


Usually, the less we process food, the better it is for us. So look at the food on your plate and ask yourself:

“Can I swap this for a less processed version?”

Perfection is not possible, so don’t fall into the trap of looking for “the best”, but forgetting to make any changes at all.

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