Creating a safe space to overcome our fears

Another inspirational day at Get Moving last week, with some inspirational people. We laughed and ‘got moving’ with some new people and some old friends rejoining. Got me thinking about how do we create a safe space for people so they feel they can share their fears (in corporate land we might talk of sharing vulnerability) and have a go anyway? We manage it at Get Moving – and when we are talking about fear of falling and a challenge of walking unaided this is pretty significant.

Facing fears

At Get Moving:

  • We focus on what people can do.
  • We take one step at a time and use a little imagination to encourage people to try some stuff and build confidence – little by little.
  • We listen and respect the fear (it is real), but without judgement or giving in to it.

Plus we use the immense sense of support that is palpable from everyone who attends our classes. All success, however seemingly small, is acknowledged and celebrated. And if things don’t go according to plan we learn from what actually happened and retrace our steps to rebuild.

There is a lesson for us all in our endeavours I think.

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