When an injury means you have to stop training.

I’ve mentioned this before, but what the hell, I’ll mention it again…I’ve been very lucky to have trained with a wide range of people with a wide range of injuries and medical conditions.  I’ve worked with men, women, the young, the old, people in the prime of their life, people with broken bones, with dodgy joints, with mental issues, with strokes and people with conditions I can’t even pronounce!

Now I will be the 1st to declare I am in no way an expert in any of these issues.  I’m just a freelance fitness trainer…just 1 step up the evolutionary ladder from a school PE teacher (I’ve learned how to communicate without a whistle).  But with this experience, I’ve learned that an injury DOES NOT mean you have to stop training or exercising.  If someone in a wheelchair can come still come in and work like a demon in the gym, then you need to ask yourself if your slightly bruised arm, or hung-over head is a valid reason to stop you from turning up.

Now you may need to change your training, for sure.  If you have an injury on your lower body, then you may need to lay off the squats or runs for a bit, but that just means there is extra love you can devote to your upper and mid body!

There is always a Plan B.

So change your mindset from

“an injury means I have to stop training”


“an injury means I get to change my training”.

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