Returning to exercise after injury or surgery

***Disclaimer*** When it comes to your health and wellbeing, first and foremost you should listen to the medical experts. Also, because there are so many variables here, I will only be able to give general guidelines. You cannot and should not think of anything I say here to be specific advice to you personally. That … Read more Returning to exercise after injury or surgery

Cross training – training when injured.

Training when injured

Training when injured

My friend was out running in the rain the other day, slipped and twisted her knee.  It is now lovely and swollen and she has been advised to avoid too much force going through her knee. So what does she do now?  Does she have to lay up for a couple of weeks recovering and possibly losing some of the fitness she has trained hard to gain?  Of course not!  This is where cross training (and a little imagination) comes in! First of all, here is the usual obvious disclaimer:

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