FLASHmob is going to be 1 year old!

In January, our group training sessions, FLASHmob, will have been going for 1 whole year!  First of all, I would love to say a big thank you to everyone that has come and played and kept it going over these last 12 months.

And next, I would like to announce the FLASHmob birthday party!  On Sunday, January 12th, we will be organising a FLASHmob Scavenger Hunt!  It will be open to any and all people who don’t have anything better to do with a sunday in January.  I will be releasing more details as time goes by, but for now, take a look at our FLASHmob birthday page by clicking here.

All details will be added here, aswell as being announced in the usual FLASHmob way:

So why not join us for (hopefully) a birthday to remember!  And while you are at it…tell your friends about it now so they can join in too!