Poll: Why do you train/exercise?

Why do you exercise?

Why do you exercise?

The gym I work at has been refurbished and now all the equipment is brand spanking new.  So, we have been spending the last week or so helping people get used to the new toys (showing them how they work, how they are different, what they can do etc).

And it has become very clear recently that a lot of the people have a very different view of training in the gym to me (and “different” is not “better”, or “worse”…it’s just “different”). If somebody asked me why i train the way i do, the answer would be so that i am fit/strong/fast/quick/agile/coordinated/healthy enough so i can do all the other random/fun things i really like doing (climb hills with my sister, go white water rafting with my friends, act like a kid and get muddy and dirty etc). At the end of the day, my training improves the performance of my body so i have the opportunity to do all these things. But i have now met a great number of people who say:

“I do 15 minutes on the bike at level 8, before doing another 15 minutes on the X-trainer at level 5”.

And when asked why they train like that, their answer is:

“Because that is what i have always done”.

Now if i want to be a half-decent coach (and i do), i need to understand why people do what they do. So here is an honest question for you all…

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Please feel free to get all your friends to give their opinion…i want to know what people think!