Ooooo! Kettlebells!

A lady came in and asked me about kettlebell training yesterday.

She had read in a magazine how it is…

“the ultimate form of training for fat loss and conditioning…”

…and how she is not going to bother with any other kind of exercise anymore.



I’ve seen and heard this mistake many times before (I used to make this mistake myself when i was younger!).  What makes an “ultimate form of fat loss and conditioning” is not the tool you use…it is YOU and the way you do it!

You need to work your heart, lungs and muscles hard through lots of Movement & Variety.  Choose a few, good tools to help you do this, then work hard and enjoy yourself.

Use kettlebells if you end up working hard.  Or use dumbells, or barbells, or tree trunks, or kegs of beer!  Or my personal favorite, use a stopwatch.  It doesn’t really matter that much what tool you use, as long as you use it properly!

As for kettlebells themselves…I’ve haven’t used them yet myself, but I have it on good authority that when used properly they can be a fantastic part of a workout!  Lets face it, they are big heavy things that are hard to handle…of course they can help make you better!

But remember, they are only one tool, and you should have a toolbox full of different tools for different jobs.

“It’s the carpenter that makes the difference, not his chisel”.

Itss the carpenter that makes the difference, not his chisel.

Its's the carpenter that makes the difference, not his chisel.