Why are you doing that move?

Top tip for everyone…

Next time your training, when you are doing a move/exercise/drill/stretch etc, just ask yourself:

“Why am I doing this move?”

And make sure you give yourself a good, honest, detailed answer.  Don’t let it be the usual:

  • It’s what I have always done
  • I saw someone do something like it once
  • A bloke in the gym/magazine told me to do it
  • My coach/instructor/teacher told me to do it

Make sure you know exactly why you are doing it, and what it does.  So much of fitness/coaching/training is full of “stuff” that fills up the time between the beginning and end.  It is just padding.

There is a lovely person here in the gym at work who spends HOURS every day doing “stuff”.  They were doing a stretch I had never seen before, so I ask them what it is for and what it stretches…and they said “I don’t know.  I’ve always done it“.

Don’t let that be you!  Don’t be a parrot and copy and go through the motions mindlessly.  Find out why you are doing what you are doing.  Ask your coach/instructor/teacher and make sure they know why…and when you find out why you are doing something, ask just 1 more question…

…does it work?