Aim for “perfect”, but settle for “good enough”

This is my quote for the day…

“Aim for “perfect”, but settle for “good enough”.

This means, be aware of and recognise what you want in a “perfect world”, and every day strive to get there.  This can mean the perfect job, perfect girlfriend or the perfect move done with perfect technique and perfect timing. But recognise that this is not a “perfect world”, and be happy when you have something that is good enough, effective and does the job.

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Why do you go training?

I was talking to a guy in the gym I work at and he was complaining that the satellite TV channels aren’t working.  It turns out that the main reason he comes is to watch the sports channels.  This reminded me again that we are all different.

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Changing behaviours and developing habits

I’ve talked before (click here) about having to change your behaviours and actions to improve your health and fitness.  This is the first and most important step, and unfortunately is where a lot of people fall down. Luckily the boffins and head doctors have come up with a “map” detailing the 5 steps we go through to change our behaviours. And here they are…

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It’s not what you got, it’s the way you use it!

Fancy new, shiny machines and equipment will not improve your weight/strength/tone/fitness etc. You do that by moving your body with speed, vigor, intensity and variety.  And to do that takes the right attitude, not something you buy from a tv advert. Save your money and do some burpees instead 🙂