What are your goals for next month?

People come to me with various goals.  Often they fall along the lines of:

  • Get fitter
  • Get stronger
  • Get slimmer
  • Get healthier
  • Move better

All these are fantastic reasons to hire me (did you know you could hire me to help you with all these??)  But first we need to know what your goals and targets are…

“What do you really want?”

And with a new month and the new year just around the corner, here is something to help you figure out your goals for the next few weeks.

Have you heard of SMART goals?  A lot of people have.  They are used a lot in business to help get projects and products completed.  And I’m all for nicking other peoples great ideas if they can work for me. 

So if you click below, you will find the document I use with my clients to help them figure out what they are going to achieve each month.  Download it, print it and fill it in to help you do better next month than you did last month.

Click here to figure out your target for the next month.