2 Week Challenge – 8/1/18

Rees Fitness 2 week challenge

It’s quite simple.  Getting fitter and stronger means working hard and doing it often.  That way, we can gradually get better over time.  So welcome to the 2 week challenge!

Every couple of weeks, I release a new exercise challenge.  It could be a fitness, strength or random physical challenge.  The aim is to spend the next 2 weeks getting as good at it as possible.  Practice it, try hard and see how much you can improve over the 14 days.

The challenge will be published every couple of weeks on:

So here is your Challenge, it starts Monday!

2 Week Challenge

You have 3 minutes to do As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) of the following circuit:

You can try the challenge as many times as you like (and don’t forget, we will improve the more often we do it).  Let us know how you do on the Rees Fitness Facebook page at www.facebook.com/reesfitness 

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